Stylus Software is both a games developer and a games publisher. With all of the games we develop, we seek to innovate and surprise the customer. With all of the games we publish, we demand quality products that will deeply satisfy the customer. In addition, we are very motivated to provide great value to players.

From a game design perspective, StySoft likes to consider different types of input and how those modes of input affect gameplay possibilities. For example, gameplay on the Nintendo Switch can not be “analog” (touch-oriented or stylus-oriented) because of the need to allow for gameplay when the Switch is docked. Gameplay on the PC can be “analog” because a mouse device is generally present. It could be interesting to try to develop a Switch game which featured “analog” gameplay, but it’s to be determined as to whether that would be permitted by Nintendo.

Platforms which allow games to utilize a hybrid of both “analog” and “digital” input schemes include PC, using mouse and keyboard, as well as certain specific devices like the GDP Win and GDP XD, using touchscreen and physical buttons. The GPD devices comprise a very small portion of the market, so it would not be feasible to design software specifically for those devices.

We are interested in presenting our games languages other than English. For example, our first release Cavesweeper is coming out on Steam in both English and Chinese (中文). The idea of games which do not utilize any written language, and instead rely solely on symbols and other forms of communication, is also interesting.